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Hello all:

Welcome to the Child Safety Blog!


— The mission of this site is to be a central location where parents can go to find information about child safety.  It is intended to be a starting point for parents interested in staying abreast of current child safety issues.  The CSB will have updated information regarding recalls, child safety news, best safety practices, state-of-the-art products, as well as opinions about everything related to child safety.  While the site will have tips about major topics such as toys, water safety, and safety in and around cars, it will also have links to the best websites for each of these topics.  So, by coming here first, a parent can be confident that this site will have already done the research to find the best, most recent child safety information.

WhoThis CSB was created and will be maintained by Bryan Slaughter, an attorney with MichieHamlett in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Bryan devotes his practice to helping people who have been seriously injured by corporations who have acted negligently or have produced dangerous products.  Over the years, more and more of Bryan clients have been children who have been needlessly injured.

Bryan and his wife Jennifer are parents to four wonderful kids (they’re the ones in the pictures above).  When he’s not working, he’s spending time with his family and occasionally playing

— I find it meaningful to be able to help children who have been hurt, but it would be far more fulfilling to have a hand in preventing injuries before they happen, and that’s why I started this blog. Through my work, I constantly see what is safe and what is not.  I see patterns of injuries to children — the same thing happening over and over.  Children, as well as parents, simply don’t appreciate many dangers until it is too late.  By raising awareness, I hope to help stop injuries before they ever occur.


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