Children’s Products Containing Lead – CPSC Issues a Ruling… finally!

At least there is some good news in the land, as far as children’s toys and products containing lead, are concerned. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has just issued a ruling which will be effective on August 14, stating: “Children’s products may not contain more than 100 parts per million (“ppm”) of lead unless the Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC,” “Commission,” or “we”) determines that such a limit is not technologically feasible. The determination can only be made after notice and a hearing and after analyzing the public health protections associated with substantially reducing lead in children’s products.”

On February 16, 2011, the CPSC’s Commissioners conducted a public hearing “to receive views from interested parties about the technological feasibility of meeting the 100 ppm lead content limit for children’s products and associated public health considerations.” The Commissioners finally voted on this ruling on or about July 13, and it was a 3-2 vote of the Commissioners to publish the notice. “The Commission voted 3-2 to publish this notice, without changes, in the Federal Register. Chairman Inez M. Tenenbaum, Commissioners Thomas Moore and Robert Adler voted to publish the notice while Commissioners Nancy Nord and Anne Northup voted against publication of the notice. One can only wonder why the latter voted against it? CPSC staff’s analysis regarding the technological feasibility of materials and products to meet the 100 ppm can be viewed at this website:

Simply considering the number and extent of lead-contaminated, imported toys, childhood furniture and products–many from China–which had to be recalled from the marketplace in the past several years, this ruling is a good thing, but long overdue. We wonder how many “bad” toys are still in children’s toy boxes–before the tainted toys were recalled and before this notice of ruling was finally issued?

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