Child Safety and Detergent Gel Pods

Posted by Marianne Frederick

The Honorable Charles Schumer, a senior Senator from New York State, has voiced a growing concern to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) about detergent gel pods and young children’s safety. Recently, children have been consuming the gel pods, which look a lot like candy, getting sick and have been hospitalized throughout the U.S.

The Senator has requested the CPSC put forward safety regulations to require safety caps on the pod packaging containers for both dish and clothes washing detergent gel pods. As the detergent gel pod use has increased in the U.S., so have occurrences of young children consuming the gel. The gel pods are small and brightly colored making them attractive to young children. Because their detergent chemical content is extremely concentrated, children who consume them are at risk of becoming ill.

Senator Schumer has been quoted as saying, “The common sense solution to this problem is for manufacturers to make the product less colorful, and for them to use child safe caps on the dispensers,” similar to those commonly used on prescription drug bottles. He also noted, “There is no reason in the world that those protections can’t be used on another product that can be equally dangerous.”

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