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Four More Infant Deaths Due to Nap Nanny Infant Recliners

Those who follow ChildSafetyBlog.org may be as sad and disappointed as we were when they learn that there have been four more deaths of babies in Nap Nanny infant recliners. In July 2010 we published a post to alert parents and caregivers about this dangerous piece of child furniture, so hearing this news is difficult. Perhaps if there were more thorough scrutiny of these products before they arrived on the market shelves…perhaps if more people paid attention to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls…

There are a million questions one could ask–but their answers don’t change the results. Nothing will bring these children back to life. Their lives were cut short by the use of less-than-safe baby products. My question from July 30, 2010, still stands: Aren’t there engineers who look closely at children’s products to determine whether they are really safe before they arrive on the market shelves?

The company that produced and sold the Nap Nanny infant recliners is bankrupt. The federal government is suing. Unfortunately, this is too little, too late. A loud public outcry… now… may save more children from this dangerous piece of baby furniture… but parents, caregivers and the public still need to be cautioned:

  • If you think a piece of children’s furniture, product or toy might not be safe, it probably is not. Check http://www.CPSC.gov for recalls, safety standards for children’s furniture and products–including cribs and baby beds;
  • Please pay attention to children’s product, toy and furniture recalls online and in the news–and if you see a child’s toy, baby furniture, or children’s product at a yard sale, DO NOT BUY IT unless you check it first on the list of recalls on http://www.CPSC.gov, to learn if it has already been recalled;
  • If you own recalled children’s furniture, toys or baby products, please don’t re-sell them. Selling or attempting to sell a recalled item is illegal. Much of the time, consumers can contact the manufacturing company for a refund or an exchange. If you cannot get a refund or a replacement item, then it’s best to destroy the recalled item, place it in a black plastic bag and deliver it to the dump, so it can never be used again or harm a child!

The Nap Nanny

Just when we think perhaps accidental death in children may be on the wane and products, such as drop-side cribs, which have been determined to be less than safe for infants and toddlers have been removed from the marketplace, another less-than-safe product pops up! Baby Matters’ (Berwyn, PA.) Nap Nanny, appeared on the oscilloscope of unsafe for baby in a big way earlier this week when 30,000 of them were voluntarily recalled from the child product marketplace.  The Nap Nanny is sort of like a “recliner” for baby and was developed to provide a hedge against “acid reflux” in children.

Consumers with questions should contact Baby Matters, LLC,  Box 811, Devon, PA 19333, 866-664-4008,  info@napnanny.com. Also you may contact the CPSC’s  toll-free Consumer Hotline at 800-638-2772  for product safety and to report unsafe children’s products.

One child’s death has occurred which has been determined to have been directly related to the use of the Nap Nanny.  We feel for the parents.  There but for the grace of God go we.

We do not understand how an idea for a child product could go so incredibly wrong–aren’t there engineers who– before patenting and manufacturing– determine the safety and efficacy of these products for a child’s use?  Don’t children’s products, furniture and toys have to go through a process of approval by some higher authority than a company president to meet standards of excellence?  Is it because babies can’t “talk back” or stand up for themselves that they and their parents become the perfect targets for child product manufacturers out for the almighty dollar?  The question is rhetorical, but it should give us all food for thought.

Certainly, moms and dads want to provide the best products for their children’s use that they can.  The child product marketplace–even in this economy– is gigantic.  Go to any Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and you see child products galore, from dolls to bicycles, to strollers and baby furniture, child medicines, infant seats, gates, swings and slings!  If you have any doubt that toy and child furniture manufacturers make money, look up the parent companies’ standings on the various stock exchanges.  Look at the retailers’ standings in today’s marketplace and examine the marketshare these retailers have.  So, it would seem to this blogger that as purchasers, buyers, parents, family members, caregivers and protectors of children… that we have the right to expect the safe and healthy use of child products by our children.  And nothing less.

You may wish to check the CPSC recall notice for the Nap Nanny in July Recalls at http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml10/10309.html