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Interesting Article on Parenting

Last month, my wife and I started coming  up with a set of “Family Core Values” that we planned to use with our kids.  The idea behind them was to provide a set of bedrock, non-negotiable principles that they, and we, are expected to live by – if you are part of our family, this is what you do and how you act.  Examples include being respectful of others and yourself at all times, being grateful for what you have, rather than seeking the material things you might want, setting goals for yourself, and being persistent in reaching those goals.

In that vein, I was recently sent a very interesting article from the Wall Street Journal called Family, Inc.  It’s about running a family like a business, and among the many excellent suggestions is to develop a set of “core affirmations” that a family will do its best to live by.  I highly recommend reading the article – with our four young kids, my wife and I are constantly looking for ways to decrease stress. Obviously, many others are in the same boat, and I’m very interested in exploring effective solutions.

I’ll talk more about this later, but in the coming months I’m going to be shifting the direction of this blog somewhat.  In addition to child safety, I’m going to start writing more posts about parenting – it’s something that interests me, and, whether I like it or not, I’m immersed in it.  I’d like to share what I’m learning.  Stay tuned.